M.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

The M. Tech in program in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at IIT Jodhpur establishes a balance between traditional and emerging areas of the discipline by offering the students a combined knowledge of theory and practice. The program is designed to extend the undergraduate computing skills with up-to-date and in-depth expertise in specialized areas of the computer science discipline. The curriculum is developed in consultation with experts from academia and industry to address the needs of both domains and open a wide range of possibilities for students for their future endeavors. Students are equipped with relevant concepts, algorithms, techniques, and underpinning principles while developing the ability to solve real-world problems in a number of application areas such as Computer Systems and Security, Distributed Computing, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Big data.

Detailed curriculum for M.Tech. CSE (AY 2021 Onwards)

Details of courses offered by Dept. CSE

Regulations for Postgraduate Programs

M.Tech. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The M.Tech. in Artificial Intelligence (AI) aims to fill the critical needs of the industry and to fill the gap in the availability of highly skilled AI scientists and engineers. The major goal of two years M.Tech. (AI) program is to impart rigorous training in strong foundations of artificial intelligence as well as cutting-edge AI tools and techniques and produce graduates who can reinforce the country's efforts towards developing AI technologies.

Detailed curriculum for M.Tech. AI (AY 2021 Onwards)

Details of courses offered by Dept. CSE

Regulations for Postgraduate Programs

Dual Master's with University of Albany, SUNY (UA)

The Dual Mater's Program in CSE and Cybersecurity in collaboration of University at Albany, SUNY (UAlbany). This is a unique program that leverages the strengths of the two institutions, IIT Jodhpur in CSE and UAlbany in Cybersecurity. The field of Cybersecurity is becoming more critical as we become more technology dependent and there is a short supply of Cybersecurity professionals in the United States of the order of a quarter million jobs. Also, the field is growing rapidly. Students will get an MTech in CSE and an MS in Cyber Security.

UAlbany is providing a 5000 dollar scholarship for our students since we are a partner institution. Additionally, this program is STEM certified in the United States which means that students will automatically get a 3-year work visa at the end of their one year at UAlbany. Also, currently there are over a quarter million open jobs in the Cybersecurity. The previous set of students that have gone from IIT Jodhpur (SME), we have had a 100% placement in the industry or at education institutions for doctoral programs with full assistantships. Almost all students have also been able to take assistantships at UAlbany making their education even more affordable.

M.Tech.-Ph.D. Dual Degree CSE & M.Tech.-Ph.D. Dual Degree AI

IIT Jodhpur has been offering MTech-PhD dual-degree programs since July 2019. These programs have been designed particularly for students with an inclination for research. Students who have completed their B.Tech. are eligible to join this program. Students complete their M.Tech. course work and then start their research, and earn both M.Tech. and Ph.D. degrees - at the end of the program. There are two distinct aspects of these programs: first, it provides an avenue for students to earn both degrees in a far lesser duration compared to if these were done individually, and second, students are awarded a fellowship equivalent to that of a JRF from the date of their joining. Academically, these programs facilitate students to decide upon their area of research by the end of the first semester. After a phase of rigorous coursework in the first two years, they start working towards the academic requirements of a PhD that includes a comprehensive exam, state-of-the-art seminar, publications in top conferences and journals, and a thesis. The students can also work on industry projects and collaborate with faculty from other academic/research bodies. This program offers the benefit of PhD level scholarship from the first year itself and the integrated courses and research helps in reducing the overall time of completing MTech and PhD.

The Department of CSE is currently offering two such programs: MTech-PhD Dual-degree in CSE and MTech-PhD Dual-degree in AI, and is continuously looking for motivated and capable students to conduct advanced research in all areas of Computer Science and AI (please visit the "Research" page for more details). The coursework requirements of these programs are similar to the corresponding MTech programs, and other support (travel support, institute mobility grant, fellowship schemes in addition to that from the Ministry of Education, etc.) and research related academic requirements are similar to the PhD program.

Detailed curriculum for M.Tech.-Ph.D. Dual Degree CSE

Detailed curriculum for M.Tech.-Ph.D. Dual Degree AI

Detailed curriculum for M.Tech.-Ph.D. Dual Degree CSE (AY 2021 Onwards)

Detailed curriculum for M.Tech.-Ph.D. Dual Degree AI (AY 2021 Onwards)

Details of courses offered by Dept. CSE

Regulations for Postgraduate Programs

Executive M.Tech. AI (for working professionals)

From January 2020, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Jodhpur has started the Executive M.Tech. in AI program for working professionals. This program runs as a combination of synchronous and asynchronous teaching. Online lectures are offered on evenings or weekends for the convenience of working professionals. The minimum duration of this mode of M.Tech. program is 3 years, and the credit requirement is the same as the regular M.Tech in AI program at IIT Jodhpur (i.e. 62 credits). The major goal of this program is to train and enhance the skills of working professionals with strong foundations of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and state-of-the-art AI tools and techniques, and make them more industry-competent.

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