1. Ph.D. Students Chiranjeev and Garvit awarded PMRF 2023.
  2. Dr. Romi Banerjee selected Fellow as Royal Society of Arts.
  3. Jayant Vyas selected for student travel award for IEEE VTC 2023 Conference.
  4. Prof. Mayank Vatsa receives the "IEEE Biometrics Council Meritorious Service Award 2023"!
  5. Dr. Pallavi Jain has received the DST-DAAD 2023 grant for the project on "Complexity of Manipulative Attacks on Resource Allocation"
  6. Anand Mishra received the Microsoft Academic Partnership Grant (MAPG) 2023.
  7. PhD Student Abhirama P. has been awarded the Microsoft Research Travel Grant to present his work at Main Track of IJCAI 2023 at Macao.
  8. Km. Bhavna (Ph.D. Student under Dr. R. Banerjee and Dr. D. Roy) won the "Best Poster" award in NAiBS 2023.
  9. Swapnil Mane (Ph.D. student under Dr. Suman Kundu) awarded PMRF 2022
  10. The paper "Preserving Consistency for Liquid Knapsack Voting" by Pallavi Jain, Krzysztof Sornat, and Nimrod Talmon won Best Paper Runner-Up Award at EUMAS 2022.
  11. Mayank Vatsa honoured with IAPR Fellowship
  12. Mayank Vatsa is elected Fellow of the Asia-Pacific Artificial Intelligence Association
  13. Richa Singh is elected Fellow of the Asia-Pacific Artificial Intelligence Association
  14. Anand Mishra is selected for Outstanding Reviewer Award at ICCV 2021.
  15. Mr. Ankur Nahar, working under the guidance of Dr. Debasis Das, received the USENIX Annual Technical Conference(ATC) 2021 Student Grant for participating in the USENIX Annual Technical Conference (ATC).
  16. Mr. Lokendra Vishwakarma, Mr. Jayant Vyas and Mr. Ankur Nahar working under the guidance of Dr. Debasis Das, received the ACM SIGMATRICS 2021 Student Grant for participating in the ACM SIGMATRICS 2021 Conference.
News Archive
  1. S. Kaman and R. Banerjee selected as Fellows: Diverse Intelligences Summer Institute, 2021.
  2. Dr. A. Mishra, Abhirama P., P. Revanth, & K. Tawatia receive Microsoft Academic Partnership Grant (MAPG), 2021, for project on "Inference and Reasoning over Web-Scale Multimodal Knowledge Graph".
  3. Dr. Debasis Das receives grant from Global Innovation & Technology Alliance (GITA), Govt. of India and Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Taipei, Taiwan for project on "Lightweight Anonymous Authentication and Communication Protocol for Internet of Vehicles"
  4. Dr. Deepak Mishra and Dr. Amandeep Kaur receive grant from Ministry of MSME for project on "A Wellness Device for Real-time Non-contact Blood Oxygen Saturation Measurements"
  5. Dr. Amandeep Kaur and Dr. Deepak Mishra receive grant from Ministry of MSME for project on "Human perception driven on-chip compression for power efficient CMOS image sensors"
  6. Students Bharat Biradar and Dhruv Patel get selected in the Google Summer of Code. Congratulations to them!
  7. Deepak Mishra and team receive RAKSHAK grant for project on “AI Driven Estimation of COVID-19 Prognosis using Multimodal Data”
  9. Romi Banerjee and team receive RAKSHAK grant for project on “Non-invasive estimation of core body temperature, heart-rate and blood-oxygen saturation level to classify healthy and non-healthy individuals”.
  10. Richa Singh and Mayank Vatsa receive grant from Facebook for project on “Mitigating Bias in Face Recognition For Vast Regional Diversity in India”
  11. Richa Singh and Mayank Vatsa receive grant from Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology for project on “Detecting Spoofing and Digital Attacks for Face Recognition”
  12. Richa Singh and team receive RAKSHAK grant for project on “AI-driven Diagnosis of COVID-19 using X-ray Images”.
  13. Richa Singh and Mayank Vatsa receive grant from Facebook for project on “Mitigating Bias in Face Recognition For Vast Regional Diversity in India”
  14. Panel Discussion on "Higher Studies as a Career Strategy" 31 October 2020
  15. Anand Mishra honoured with the IIT-Jodhpur Teaching Excellence Award 2020.
  16. Ankur Nahar, PhD Student under Dr. Debasis Das, receives the ACM India Travel Award for presenting his research at IFIP Networking 2020, Paris, France.
  17. Anand Mishra receives research grant from Accenture labs
  1. Anand Mishra served as a session chair and a workshop chair at ICFHR 2022.
  2. "Debasis Das gave talks on "Machine Learning in Vehicular Communications/ Networks and Security aspects in Vehicular Communications" at the SERB Karyashala on “Vehicular Communications for Next-Generation Intelligent Transportation Systems” at IIT Indore from 13th July 2022 to 19th July 2022.
  3. Angshuman Paul gives a talk on data-efficient machine learning methods for medical image analysis at the CSI Kolkata Chapter.
  4. Anghuman Paul delivers talk on 'Application of Machine/Deep Learning" on June 16 at the Indian Statistical Institute.
  5. Dr. Manish Gupta (Microsoft) to deliver talk on "Deep Learning Models for NLP" at the Semi-monthly Departmental Webinar on May 6, 2022
  6. Somitra Sanadhya and Suman Kundu gave talks at the "Cyber Jaagrukta Diwas" on May 4, 2022 - organized by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Home Affairs
  7. Rajesh Sharma, Institute of Computer Science, University of Tartu (UT), Estonia to talk on "Application of Data Science for Social Science" on May 2, 2022.
  8. Vinay Kulkarni, TCS Research, Pune talks on "Applied research with Enterprise focus - rationale, progress so far, and open challenges" on April 18, at the CSE Department semi-monthly webinar.
  9. Karthik Mohan to talk on "Learning case-studies: Recommender systems for online shopping and Task-oriented Natural Language Generation system" on March 25, 2022 at the CSE Department semi-monthly webinar
  10. Anand Mishra gives talk at the preconference workshop on multimodal interactions at ICMI 2022
News Archive
  1. Brijesh Pillai and Aratrik Chatterjee from Mercedes Benz RD Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, to talk on 'Intelligent Occupant sensing in Car Interiors' on November 12, 2021.
  2. Dr. Sushmita Gupta from IMSc, Chennai to talk on 'Matching under preferences: Stability to popularity' on October 29, 2021.
  3. Prof. S. Sanadhya to deliver a talk on post-quantum crypto in a webinar by CDoT on Tuesday from 2-4:30pm. Meeting link @
  4. Dr. Angshuman Paul presented a tutorial on 'Meta-Learning for Medical Image Analysis' at MICCAI 2021.
  5. Prof. Somitra Sanadhya to speak at the International Webinar session on How to build the fastest track for a Global Career in Cyber Defense on 6th Oct 2021.
  6. Dr. Sumit Kalra invited as speaker to talk on Innovations in Healthcare in the India-Sweden Innovation Challenge organized by AIIMS Jodhpur in collaboration with Business Sweden on 24th September.
  7. Prof. Mayank Vatsa to speak on Human-Machine Interaction on September 17, 2021 in the 'Going Virtual' session (2:30pm-6:00pm) at the Global Virtual Technology Summit 2021, presented by PANIIT.
  8. Dr. Chiranjoy Chattopadhyay presented an "Introduction to Immersive Technology (AR/VR) and its Application" at the Open Innovation Tech Series - VILT Session, organized by Samsung, on August 27, 2021.
  9. Dr. Amit Sethi (IIT Bombay) to talk on "Towards Precision Oncology using Machine Learning on Medical Images" on September 10, 2021 @5pm (IST).
  10. Dr. Angshuman Paul, IIT Jodhpur, to talk on Data-efficient Machine Learning for the Diagnosis of Chest Radiographs, at the Department Webinar, on August 27, 2021 at 5pm (IST)
  11. Pallavi Jain was invited at Dagstuhl seminar on Matching Under Preferences: Theory and Practice. She also gave a talk on Almost Stable Marriage in the seminar on July 29, 2021.
  12. Prof. M. Vatsa invited as expert panelist on CL Educate Presents Academia Connect (Nvidia Technology Partner) for a talk on "Path to Making India the AI Factory and Resource Pool for the World", on June 23, 2021.
  13. Prof. Salil Kanhere, UNSW Sydney, to talk on Transparent, Trustworthy and Privacy-Preserving Supply Chains, at the Department Webinar, on June 04, 2021 at 11am (IST).
  14. Prof. Somitra Sanadhya invited as panelist for discussions on "How to become a successful Cyber Defense Professional" on May 19, 2021, 5-6pm (IST).
  15. Mr. Bharatkumar Sharma, Nvidia, to talk on "Powering of New Era Analytics and AI using GPU", at the Department Webinar, on May 21, 2021 at 6pm (IST).
  16. Dr. Shridhara Chimalakonda to talk on "What is software engineering anyway? Reflections on 50 Yrs of software engineering & the Road Ahead" on May 7, 2021 at 6pm (IST).
  17. Prof. Kalyanmoy Deb, Koenig Endowed Chair Professor - Michigan State University, to talk on "Explainable AI (XAI) using Nonlinear Decision Trees" at the CSE Department Webinar on April 30, 2021 at 7pm (IST).
  18. Mr. Vinay Kulkarni, Distinguished Chief Scientist - TCS research, to talk on "Decision-making in the face of uncertainty" at the CSE Department Webinar, on April 09, 2021 at 6pm (IST)
  19. Prof. R. Singh and Prof. M. Vatsa to talk on "Dependable Computer Vision" on April 13, 2021 at Nvidia GTC 21
  20. Dr. Heena Rathore, University of Texas, SA, USA, to talk about "Brain Variable Reward Structure for Cooperative Machine Learning in IoT Network" on March 19, 2021 at 6:00 pm, IST.
  21. Prof. S. Sanadhya delivered an invited talk on the "Foundational Role of Mathematics in Cryptography" at the 31st Annual Conference of Rajasthan Ganita Parishad on Recent Trends of Mathematics in Sciences and Engineering (RTMSE), 13-14th March, 2021, organized by LNMIIT Jaipur (event held in online mode)
  22. Prof. M. Vatsa delivered an invited talk on "Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – Opportunities and Challenges" at the National Defence College, Delhi
  23. Dr. Sunpreet Arora, Staff Research Scientist at Visa Research, to talk about "Privacy-Preserving Digital Identity Platform" on March 1, 2021 at 7:30 pm, IST.
  24. A. Mishra to speak on "Introduction to Neural Networks" at the "International Research Workshop on Advances in Deep Learning and Applications (WADLA 2021)", organized by IIIT Sri City, Chittor, on February 22, 2021.
  25. Prof. Sajal K. Das, Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA, to talk about "From Smart Sensing to Smart Living" in Department Webinar on February 1, 2021 at 7:30 pm, IST.
  26. Dr. Nimrod Talmon, Ben-Gurion University, Be'er Sheva, Israel, to talk about "Participatory Budgeting - Making Budgeting Great Again" in Department Webinar on January 4, 2021. 23 December 2020
  27. Prof. Nalini K. Ratha, an Empire Innovation Professor at University at Buffalo -- SUNY, gave a talk on "Trustworthy AI Systems" in Department webinar on December 21, 2020. 22 December 2020
  28. Prof. Somitra Sanadhya and Dr. Debasis Das were Keynote Speakers in the Management Development Program (MDP) on "Cybersecurity: Contemporary Issues, Challenges and Countermeasures", organized by the School of Management & Entrepreneurship, IIT Jodhpur, on December 12-13, 2020. 15 December 2020
  29. Dr, Ishan Misra, Research Scientist at Facebook AI Research, to talk about "Multi-view invariance and grouping for self-supervised learning" in Department webinar on December 7, 20202 at 5:45 pm. 04 December 2020
  30. Prof. Saket Saurabh, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, to talk about "Picking Random Vertices" in Department Webinar on October 19, 2020. 17 October 2020
  31. Invited Lecture by Prof. Mayank Vatsa at the prestigious Responsible AI for Social Empowerment (RAISE 2020). Visit: 06 October 2020
  32. Dr. Anush Sankaran, Senior Research Scientist, Deeplite, Canada, to talk about "Why do we need to Optimize Deep Learning Models?" in the Departmental Webinar on October 5th, 2020. 05 October 2020
  33. Invited Talk by Debarati Chakraborti on 'Granulated Video Computing', Research Oriented International Webinar Series (ROIWS -2020), at Government Engineering College, Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh, India, 13th September, 2020
  34. Invited Lecture on “Internet of Things(IoT) Security for Smart Cities”, at Rajasthan Technical University, Kota and Poornima College of Engineering, Jaipur, by Debasis Das, September, 2020.
  35. Invited Talk on “Reading text in scene images, connecting it to the world knowledge and beyond”, at Deep Learning for Computer Vision Session, SPCOM’2020 (virtual), IISc Bangalore, by Anand Mishra.
  36. Guest Lecture by Pallavi Jain on “Parameterized Complexity” at Ben-Gurion University, Israel, June 2020.
  37. Invited Talk on “Machine Learning and its Application on Society”, at Mahadevananda Mahavidyalaya and WBSU, West Bengal, India, by Dr. Debasis Das, June 2020.
  38. Invited Talk on “Recommendation Systems based on Driver Stress and Behavior”, at the Institute Mihajlo Pupin, Belgrade, Serbia, by Debasis Das, June 2020.
  39. Invited Talk on “Vehicular Cloud-based Secure and Energy-Efficient Communication and Searching System for Smart Transportation”, at AICTE-ATAL and NIT Surathkal, karnataka, by Debasis Das, May 2020.
  40. Lecture on "GPU Acceleration in General Purpose Computing" by Dr. Subhasis Banerjee, IBM Systems Lab
  41. Lecture Series on Machine Learning by Microsoft India ( 17th Feb to 2nd April)
  1. Jayant Vyas (Ph.D. student) selected as research intern (April - October) @ Accenture Labs
  2. Jayant Vyas selected for student travel award for IEEE VTC 2023 Conference
  3. Anand Mishra has been recognized as one of the Outstanding Reviewers at CVPR 2023.
  4. The Department of CSE welcomes its Executive M.Tech AI students for a campus immersive experience from August 1 - 5, 2022.
  5. ACM-W India Grad Cohort 2022 hosted by Department of CSE from July 21-22, 2022.
  6. Cyber-Physical Systems Innovator-Expert - Dr. Aloknath De, and IBM Distinguished Engineer - Dr. Sameep Mehta join us as Adjunct Faculty.
  7. Richa Singh is the Program Chair at ICMI 2022
  8. IIT Jodhpur and AIIMS Jodhpur proudly present their first joint patent on Automatic Speech Generation systems to help the differently-abled to communicate using vocal expressions; work done by Dr. Sumit Kalra (CSE, IITJ) and team.
  9. Work on NextGen Telemedicine by Dr. Sumit Kalra and Team was featured in the national meeting on "Discussion on COVID-19 Awareness in the Rural Population with Regional Coordinating Institutes", organized by Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (National Coordinator, IIT Delhi).
  10. Covid-19 initiatives by CSE @ IIT Jodhpur, highlighted in the July edition (Vol. IV, Issue 6) of Vigyan Prasar.
  11. Prof. S. Sanadhya invited as expert panelist for webinar (organized by IITJ and WhizHack) on "Building Global Career in Cyber Defense" on June 26, 2021.
  12. Prof. S. Sanadhya invited as expert panelist for webinar (organized by IITJ and WhizHack) on "Building Global Career in Cyber Defense" on June 19, 2021.
  13. Prof. Somitra Sanadhya invited as panelist for discussions on "How to become a successful Cyber Defense Professional" on May 19, 2021, 5-6pm (IST).
News Archive
  1. Dr. Angshuman Paul joins as Assistant Professor!
  2. Prof. Richa Singh to serve as Program Co-Chair for CVPR-2022.
  3. Prof. Somitra Sanadhya to serve as organizing chair for the 18th IFIP WG 11.9 international conference on digital forensics 2022.
  4. Prof. M. Vatsa invited for Q&A session on "'Skilling and Opportunities in AI' by DST, Rajasthan.
  5. Dr. Pallavi Jain to present at AAMAS 2021
  6. Ms. Pratibha Choudhary will defend her Thesis on March 18, 2021 at 06:00 PM through online mode
  7. Dr. A. Mishra will be presenting a poster on 'Multimodal Machine Learning for Enhanced Image Understanding' under the 'Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics Track', as an invited participant at the 11th Indo German Frontier of Engineering Conference (INDOGFE 2021) - 24-26 Feb 2021.
  8. The AAAI-21 First International Workshop on Meta-Learning for Computer Vision (MeL4CV)" organized by M. Vatsa, R. Singh, N. Ratha, V. Patel, S. Mittal, on February 08, 2021.
  9. Prof. Somitra Sanadhya was invited as panelist on a discussion on "Security Research Bottleneck ... Lab, Program Set-up, Problem Statements, Industry Connects, & Data Sets" in the 'Security, Education, Research and Innovation (SERI 2020) Conference, organized by the Data Security Council of India (DSCI), on December 14, 2020. 16 December 2020
  10. Panel Discussion on "Higher Studies as a Career Strategy" 31 October 2020
  11. Suman Kundu was a Panel Member at the Workshop on Digital Humanities into the Palm of Your Hand in IEEE BigMM. Presented: "Identification of Cyberbully from Multilingual Indian Tweets" Date: Sep 26, 2020
  12. Anil Shukla joins the department as Assistant Professor on 08 May 2017
  13. Manas Khatua joins the department as Assistant Professor on 28 December 2016
  14. Aritra Banik joins the department as Assistant Professor on 07 March 2016
  15. Visit of Anil Bhansali, MD, Microsoft India (R&D)
  16. Ph.D. Thesis Defense
  17. Visit of 6-member Research & Development team from LG Software India Labs, on 30-31, July 2015
  18. Dr. Chiranjoy Chattopadhyay joins the department as Assistant Professor on 13 July 2015