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The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Jodhpur invites applications for faculty positions at all levels. Candidates should have a PhD degree in CSE, or a related field. The candidates are expected to have excellent research track record and commitment towards teaching. While we encourage candidates from all areas of CSE to apply, special emphasis will be given to the following areas: Algorithms, Quantum Computation, Information Security, Database Systems, Data Engineering, Cloud Technologies, Edge and Fog Computing, Computer Graphics, Animation, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Data Visualisation, Computer Vision, Human Machine Interface, Information Retrieval, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Natural Language Understanding, Software Systems and Engineering, Programming Languages and Compilers, Social and Complex Networks, Autonomous Systems, High Performance Computing, Parallel Programming, GPU Programming, Distributed Systems, OS and Networking, 5G and 5G+ Systems, Sensors and IoT.

About IIT Jodhpur: IITJ has a sprawling campus of over 850+ acres with 3000 students and 210+ faculty members with the department of CSE having 20 faculty members. The department coordinates the BTech, MTech and MTech-PhD programs in CSE and AI, along with PhD in CSE. More details about the department can be found at The institute also houses the Technology and Innovation Hub on CV, AR and VR.

Any Indian national, PIO, or Foreign national is eligible to apply. The rules of Government of India will be applicable for terms and conditions of the appointments. We offer salary and benefits as per the norms of the central government. Benefits include relocation expenses, maternity/paternity leaves, a generous initiation grant, PhD student support, on campus housing (if available), access to on-campus medical facilities, access to on-campus sports facilities etc. In case of any clarification, candidates may reach out to Interested candidates are encouraged to apply via

Why Choose IIT Jodhpur

  1. Opportunity to work with a diverse group of very talented faculty members in diverse areas of computer science. The department and the institute highly also encourage inter-departmental collaboration.
  2. The department has high-end computational facilities available in addition to the central facilities available with the institute. Some of the departmental facilities include DGX-2, multiple servers, VANET Lab, and AR-VR lab.
    1. The DGX2 server is a high-performance computing system designed specifically for artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning applications. This server is equipped with 16 NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs, which provide massive parallel processing power and high-bandwidth memory to support large-scale machine learning models. It comes with NVLink technology, which enables fast inter connectivity between GPUs, as well as a high-speed NVMe storage system for efficient data processing. With these capabilities, the DGX2 server can handle demanding AI workloads with ease, making it an ideal resource for researchers and developers in the department.
    2. The department also has several high-end workstations/servers with Nvidia A5000 and Nvidia 1080Ti designed for individual use. These workstations are equipped with powerful CPUs, high-speed storage, and advanced GPUs, making them suitable for a range of computational tasks, including data analysis, machine learning, and scientific computing.
    3. The department has several servers that are used for various purposes, including web hosting, database management, and file storage. These servers are equipped with powerful CPUs and storage, making them suitable for handling large amounts of data and serving multiple users simultaneously.
  3. Generous seed grant of Rs. 25 lakhs for new faculty members to kick-off their research.
  4. Engage in the department's growth by being a part of designing the policies and course curriculum
  5. Regular talks by leading experts in various disciplines
  6. Location at the picturesque Jodhpur campus, close to mother nature.
  7. Freedom to organise events and activities for the advancement of your research in the community.
  8. Enthusiastic departmental staff members to handle day-to-day requests.


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Postdoctoral Fellows

We are actively seeking applications from motivated students for Postdoctoral positions, particularly in those of interest to the faculty members at the department.

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We encourage highly motivated students to apply for short and long term internships. The short term internship is usually offered during the summer for three months, May-July. For long term internships, we encourage you to contact the faculty members directly.

  • (Form for Summer internships for UG/PG students)
  • Highlights

    • Option to pursue internship on campus. Accommodation will be arranged at IITJ hostels.
    • Option to pursue BTech/MTech final year project work in collaboration with CSE faculty, provided there is no objection from applicant’s university/institute.
    • Opportunity to pursue longer term commitments in the form of PhD, MTech+PhD on satisfactory performance (subject to fulfilment of admission requirements).
    • Opportunity to work in core and interdisciplinary areas in a department with faculties from diverse backgrounds.
    • Opportunity to work in some of the cutting edge areas of computer science:
      • Computer Vision and Image processing
      • Machine Learning (including Deep Learning)
      • Internet of Things
      • Telemedicine
      • IoT and Sensory Data Analytics
      • Multi-access edge computing
      • Parameterized complexity
      • Computational Social Choice Theory
      • Security and Blockchain
      • Cryptography
      • Computer Architecture
      • High Performance Computing
      • Web development
      • Mobile app development