Future of Computing: Emerging Trends of Computing and Applications

We welcome you to the IIT Jodhpur Industry Connect 2022 to be held at The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), Bengaluru on November 26, 2022. The event is planned to start in the afternoon at 2 PM, which will start with an interactive session with the Industry leaders followed by a workshop on "Future of Computing". The Director of IIT Jodhpur along with senior academics will represent IIT Jodhpur at the event.

The computing world is presently at the cusp of a paradigm shift. Innovations on several fronts, ranging from newer materials, to massive strides made in artificial intelligence, to providing personalized experiences, there are several frontiers that are now pushing the envelope of established practices. In order to enable increasingly complex and smart computer applications, new computer technologies such as quantum and neuromorphic computers are on the rise. Even the most powerful conventional computer can only assign a one or a zero to each bit. Quantum computing, by contrast, uses quantum bits, or qubits, which can be a zero, a one, both at once, or some point in between, all at the same time. We can now convert data to base 4 and you can encode it on synthetic DNA. We possess rich know-how to sequence (read), synthesize (write to), and copy DNA. A little bit of it stores a whole lot of information; some researchers believe we could meet the world’s entire data storage needs for a year with a cubic meter of powdered e. coli DNA which will eventually lead to evolution of DNA storage. Along with the technologies of computing, the diversity and trustability of the applications of computing along with scale is also of paramount importance. Applications in security, healthcare, finance, ambient intelligence and metaverse provide immense opportunities to build private, secure and accurate solutions.

In this workshop, we shall aim to discuss and ideate on the path that academia and industry need to take in order to be adaptable for this change. The workshop shall bring together experts from both the worlds in order to create bridges and create a common platform in order to chalk out the way forward. This is specifically imperative for a new institute like IIT Jodhpur which aspires to be future ready, and play a critical role in transformational technologies and interventions.


The Energy and Resources Institute of India (TERI)
4th Main Road, Domlur II Stage, Domlur,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560071.


Industry Connect by IIT Jodhpur

Venue: TERI Auditorium, 4th Main Road, Domlur II stage, Domlur, BENGALURU

Event Speaker/Moderator Content Time
Welcome Gaurav Bhatnagar 14:30-14:40
IITJ Connect Santanu Chaudhary (Director) IITJ progress, vision, goals, industry orientation 14:40-15:20
Industry Connect Manoj Choudhary Industry connect, proposed Industry Day 15:20-15:30
Discussion Manoj Choudhary, Angshuman Paul (Moderator) Expectations by the Industry from IITJ and vice-versa 15:30-16:15
Alimni Chapter Shankar Manoharan Alumni Chapter launch - Bangalore 16:15-16:25
Impromptu Talk by 2~3 alumni from Bangalore Chapter
High Tea
Continuing/Executive Education programs at IITJ Kaushal Desai Philosophy, breadth and uniqueness of different executive program offerings by IITJ 17:00-17:15
Executive M.Tech in AI Richa Singh Executive programs in AI by IITJ 17:25-17:45
Discussion Kaushal Desai, Anand Mishra (Moderator) Feedback/suggestions by the Industry and participants on Executive programs 15:30-16:15
Workshop on "Future of Computing and Applications" Moderator: Mayank Vatsa Aloknath De, Samsung The "Power Factor" in the future of computing 17:45-19:15
CP Ravi Kumar, Texas Instruments
Vijay Chandru, StrandLS
Dip Sankar Banerjee (IITJ)

Attendees:Industry representatives + Alumni from Bangalore + IITJ delegation