Research Highlights
  1. Gehrlein Stable Committee with Multi-Modal Preferences, SAGT 2022: S. Gupta, P. Jain, D. Lokshtanov, S. Roy, S. Saurabh

  2. Scatter search for the minimum leaf spanning tree problem, Computers and Operations Research: Y. S. Kardam, K. Srivastava, P. Jain, R. Marti

  3. BAFL: Federated Learning with Base Ablation for Cost Effective Communication, ICPR 2022, M. K. Kundalwal, A. Saraswat, I. Mishra, and D. Mishra.

  4. Chiranjoy Chattopadhyay and team (Vaibhavi Gupta, Vinay Detani and Vivek Khokhar) design a framework that converts digital comics to videos.

  5. SUPREAR-NET: Supervised Resolution Enhancement and Recognition Network, IEEE Transactions on BIOM (T-BIOM), 2022: M.Vatsa, S. Ghosh and R. Singh.

About Us

Computer Science and Engineering, today, plays a major role in transforming every aspect of human life - in addressing social challenges and catalyzing the ongoing wave of the industrial revolution. The department is driven by its commitment to excel in next generation technology development and research. Our mission is to strengthen industry-academia collaborations and prepare our students to contribute to multi-disciplinary projects and R&D for solving problems of national interest.

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Mission and Vision

To be among the top 10 departments in terms of research contributions, practical impact, and applications of Computer Science and Engineering in the country in the next 3 years, and internationally well known in some focused areas in the next 5 years. Some of our missions are to achieve excellence in research in fundamental as well as applied areas of CSE and allied subject for innovative discoveries; develop an academic ecosystem by collaborating; and develop and support the notion of “computing for all” across disciplines at the institute.

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