Venue: Room# 308 (Second Floor), Lecture Hall Building, IIT Jodhpur

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About the Conference

Big data, machine learning, causal reasoning and new applications of artificial intelligence are revolutionizing technology businesses, academic research, and, increasingly, the practice of law. This conference will focus on AI innovations and related IP issues.

The conference will provide an opportunity to listen to experts from industry and academia to understand the trend of innovations in AI. Developments in AI is also generating new questions about the nature of intellectual property linked with AI innovations. We need to understand the extent to which AI will disrupt the legal framework for creation and enforcement of IP rights. Experts in IP rights will address numerous challenges and opportunities that AI brings to the demand for intellectual property (IP) titles – patents, industrial designs, copyrights, etc. Discussions in the conference will also provide an opportunity to assess and understand the question- Can one obtain a patent when there is no human inventor? From another perspective, Artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics and new technologies such as blockchain can be used to address the growing challenges facing IP offices. This issue is also equal importance for IP right managers.

This conference is offering a unique platform to have a dialogue between IP experts and AI researchers – which is extremely important for nurturing ecosystem of AI innovation.


  • AI innovations and research
  • AI and IP: Affecting Innovation and Economy
  • Comprehensive Outlooks: AI and IP Policies Around the World
  • The Intersection of AI with the IP Enforcement Space
  • General strategies for protecting AI inventions
  • Can AI make patent office more efficient?
  • How the patent office deal with the challenges of AI in patents?
  • Copyright and AI
  • Challenges in drafting patent applications for AI-related inventions
  • Post-grant attributes of AI-related patents
  • Ethical and societal considerations in relation to AI patented inventions